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In 2007, Austrian Development Agency approved the financial support for the establishment of a sustainable organic herbs supply chain in Albania.
Sonnentor KräuterhandelsgmbH as purchaser, and Austria Bio Garantie and Agrovet, as partners in charge for the implementation of the EU standards for organic food production, have contracted VIENNA ENGINEERS as overall coordinator and project manager.
The aim of the project is to establish a sustainable organic production of herbs and directly provide employment to 500 small farmers and their families.
Together with the local experts on spot the following work packages are being carried out within the project:

  • Elaboration of training materials for organic cultivation and processing of herbs and sustainable wild collection;
  • Implementation of training courses for the defined target groups – small private farmers and wild collectors – with the focus on information regarding the EU standards and certification procedures for organic production as well as information on herbs themselves;
  • Elaboration of trade contracts between the farmers and the client
  • Support and know-how transfer for the organic food production and certification of organic food production;
  • Sustainable management in regard of economic, social and ecological aspects and
  • Establishment of a sustainable supply chain

A network of skilled multiplicators has been established in Albania, who will take over the role of trainers for further farmers interested in organic cultivation.

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:
Together with the local experts and partners, a network of contacts is being established ensuring the sustainability of the project through awareness raising and cross-border know-how transfer toward organic production.
The outcomes of the project are:

  • Structures for wild collection, processing and sale of special herbs based upon the principles of organic cultivation;
  • Trainings for organic production, processing and wild collection of herbs;
  • Information centre for wild collection, processing, sales and financing;
  • Purchase of herbs cultivated and collected in accordance with the EU standards

To reach the set goals, focus has been set on identification of potentials for organic herb production, implementation of the quality standards and EU guidelines and the re-organisation towards organic cultivation.