EU 6th Framework Programme, DG RTD
European Commission, SDME 05/32


The aim of the project is to organise conferences in order to describe, compare and evaluate new and innovative technologies, which promote the use of sustainable energy with a potential to maximize regional productivity. The conferences, focusing on biomass production, will give indispensable technological content to sustainable development.

The target audience will include first and for most researchers from the academia and industry, but environmental organizations, regulatory officials, policy makers and other interested third parties are also welcome and encouraged to take an active part in the event.
The project will promote economic growth and enhance productivity through raising awareness of RES and upgrading the acceptance of biomass. It will facilitate the use of national energy resources and ensure diversification concerning energy types and supply sources.

The major outcome of the project will be a transfer of information for the implementation of biomass technologies allowing agriculture and forestry to make use of their potential resources. It will allow for the industrial sector to achieve self-sufficiency, thereby eliminating the currently poor practices of wasteful and environmentally harmful, as well as economically disadvantageous, disposal.
The project will also help to create new investment opportunities for EU and national businesses, as well as new options for a more independent energy market, emerging as a strong tool for achieving local sustainability and decentralisation.

Description of actual services provided by the staff within the assignment:

  • Establishing a thematic network on Renewable Energy, responsible for the part “Renewable Energis, with special consideration on Geothermal Energy” (project within the 5th Framework programme of the EU)
  • Analysing the legal framework of renewable energy