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Country of operation: 

Brasov, with a population of 278,000, is Romania’s eighth largest city and a client of EBRD. The Company “Tetkron”, owned by the City of Brasov operates the district heating transmission and distribution networks.

The overall objective of this assignment was to undertake a comprehensive feasibility study for rehabilitation of the existing district heating system (DH) in the City of Brasov, operated by Tetkron SRL (“the Company”) so that it can provide environmentally friendly, cost-efficient heat supply and enables the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development to appraise a bankable project for a prospective loan.

Economic, technical, financial, environmental and social assessments and health and safety audits have been carried out and a comprehensive feasibility study was prepared.

Description of actual services provided by the staff within the assignment:

  • Environmental analysis with the interpretation of social, ecological and economic benefits of projects
  • Examining the institutional framework for the EE and RE impacting the relevant entities (this includes tariff regulation)
  • Development of an environmental and social action plan (ESAP), including evaluation of different EE/RE technical solutions, demand and quantity analysis and the assessment of potential cogeneration
  • Environmental, health and safety audit