City of Belgrade Belgrade Land Development Public Agency
Njegoševa 84


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The City of Belgrade and the City of Vienna identified the ecological damage which arises from the stormwater sludge dumped untreated into the river Danube. Especially the MA 30 (Magistratsabteilung 30, Wien Kanal) and the local pendant, namely the Agency For Land Development and Construction of Belgrade sealed a partnership for the mitigation of this environmental risk.

Within the framework of INTERREG-CADSES and UTN II, VIENNA ENGINEERS provides sustainable solutions for the technical, financial and ecological issues.
The ecological concern is that the trucks take this sludge out and dump it without any treatment or processing into the River Danube.
The project has analysed and studied the impact effect on the population and the natural surrounding and has given an elaborated activity plan.

Description of actual services provided by the staff within the assignment:

  • Environmental Impact Analysis, effect on the river itself and the population through harmful substances.
  • Illustration of pollution pathways in Belgrade
  • Develop several technical solutions for the treatment process and find the appropriate place for the facilities
  • Elaborate a Financial Feasibility Analysis for the project with regard on the cost effective operation and maintenance of the facilities.