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Country of operation: 

Together with Neuhold Envirotec GmbH as the technology supplier and Austria Bio Garantie as partner for the implementation of organic food production VIENNA ENGINEERS implements the first biogas plant in Vojvodina. The project is also well supported by the Provincial Secretariat of Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development of Vojvodina and by the municipalities of Bačka Topola and Mali Iđoš.
Main targets of the project are:

  • design and construction of the first biogas plant in Vojvodina.
  • use of the energetic potential of manure and at the same time relief from its environmental impact
  • creating a disposal facility for harmless organic animal fats and waste.
  • creating awareness and know-how-transfer in the field of the utilisation of renewable energy sources and environmental protection
  • sustainable management in regard of economic, social and ecological aspects

The technical outputs of the project are

  • the farm Panonija and the municipality of Bačka Topola Mali Iđoš are supplied with electricity and heating from renewable energy sources
  • a waste water treatment plant in cooperation with constructed wetlands are purifying the waste water from the biogas plant in a sustainable way and therefore protect surface water and groundwater  
  • upgrading of the farm Panonija through innovative organic farm products and long-term contracts with importers in EU-countries

The investment volume of the project is 4.800.000, 00 €.

Description of actual services provided by the staff within the assignment:
The following work packages are being carried out:

  • communal energy concept for the municipality of Bačka Topola
  • feasibility study for the biogas plant at agricultural farm of Panonija
  • water protection plan and waste water action plan for solving the manure problem
  • business plan and operating plan for the biogas plant
  • environmental impact assessment for the biogas plant
  • support and know-how transfer for the organic food production in the region
  • design for water saving measures and waste water treatment of manure residual water
  • elaboration of a plan for an integrated solution for the agricultural waste (agricultural by-products, animal fats and wastes, etc)