Government of Styria
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Country of operation: 

The Regional Internationalisation Strategy of Styria (RIST), initiated by the Government of Styria, is aimed at supporting entrepreneurs (especially SMEs) to enter the market in defined target regions. The principal objective of this INTERREG IIIb project is the identification/realisation of partnering projects and to intensify economic cooperation in general.
Within the RIST-framework, a database of identified projects was established. VIENNA ENGINEERS has identified more than 170 projects in the Vojvodina which are suitable to be financed and performed by Styrian companies.
This database, including contact management with the stakeholders of these projects serves Styrian enterprises as an acquisition tool. 40 of these 170 projects are energy efficiency and renewable energy projects including pre-feasibility und feasibility studies. VIENNA ENGINEERS is also consulting the Vojvodinian government in sustainable energy management and helps to establish effective structures for the promotion of energy efficiency and renewable energies project.
Most projects in the database deal with environmental and energy infrastructure for municipalities and industrial companies – like public lighting, biomass, biodiesel, geothermal energy, gas supply for municipalities, financial feasibility for IFI loans, waste management, wastewater treatment, drinking water supply, regional development and capacity building for public and private institutions. VIENNA ENGINEERS has interlinked all Vojvodinian municipalities and local NGOs within a communication network in Vojvodina and in Styria focusing on electricity and heat supply, waste management, wastewater and drinking water supply.

Description of actual services provided by the staff within the assignment:

Preparation of cooperation agreement (at political level): between Vojvodina and the Austrian province of Styria, signed by all Vojvodina municipalities.

  • Project management: building a project database, delivering key information to potential JV partners in Styria. Building a CRM-database for municipal decision-makers.
  • Project identification: developing ideas to feasible projects including financial pre-assessments.
  • Organisation of business-to-business events
  • Knowledge-transfer: organisation of several municipal conferences ‘Vojvodina meets Styria’ in Graz, with 72 participants from Vojvodina, with mayors or directors of all urban institutes and environmental NGOs.
  • Organisation of several Austrian municipal delegations to Novi Sad and Subotica (Vojvodina).