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The aim of this market study is to provide information to investors, who want to enter the Serbian energy efficiency and renewable energy market.

The following topics are covered:

  • Energy efficiency in public and private buildings
  • Energy efficiency in industry
  • Energy efficiency in public lighting
  • District heating
  • Use of renewable energy sources from agriculture

The study comprises the following issues:

  • Analyzing the legal and financial framework of energy efficiency projects in Serbia
  • Socio-economic aspects (willingness and ability to pay, tariff structure….), financial manage- ment
  • Identification of energy efficiency projects and renewable energy possibilities in Vojvodina
  • Technical aspects (technical variants, quality standards, estimations on project capacities)
  • Environmental aspects of identified projects
  • Contact management and organization of communication events between potential investors and project stakeholders in Serbia

One of the main assets of the study is an outlook on the preparedness of Serbian municipalities and industrial clients to understand and accept contracting models as are already frequently used and highly appreciated by Austrian municipalities and industry.

Elaboration of the feasibility study (inter alia: biomass supply and logistics assessment) including:

  • Energy Efficiency in public and private buildings
  • EE in industry
  • EE in public lighting
  • District heating  
  • Use of renewable energy sources from agriculture

Analyzing and quantifying the demand for heating, electricity and hot water in densely-populated residential areas and in public buildings.
Examining institutional framework, tariff regulation, corporate structures and contractual relationships with the government. Assistance to municipalities in financing the project including development of contracting models and financing mechanisms. Market analysis (determining the costs incurred by residents for heating services), proposing forms of long-term private sector involvement.
Drafting output oriented and performance based contractual arrangements and remunerations.