Austria Pet Food
Mach-Allee 2


Services Provided: 
Project Design
Site Supervision
Project Implementation

Competencies: Electrical Engineering, Energy Consulting

  • Planning power supply (Electrical power, gas)
  • Calculating efficient energy consumption
  • Supporting contract placing

Task: Installing the electrical power supply of the manufactory

Service: We planed and realized the electrical power supply. Adequate to the technical condition of the power grid on power level 5 we dimensioned the whole transformer station. Then we supported the client in realizing a call for proposal for the technical plant and assisted the process of contract placing.

Task: Optimizing the energy consumption of electrical power and steam of the production process

Service: Adequate to the production during single and multishift we developed the optimized energy consumption. Regarding the technical evaluation of the syntetic load profile of the production prozess we implemted improvements of the whole energy consumption. Electrical power, heating and steam are now perfectly adapted to the energy requirements.

Task: Cost optimization of energy purchasing

Service: Beside the energy efficieny we were engaged in increasing cost efficiency. We designed the call of proposals and were involved in the contract placing process for the strategical purchasing act. Still we optimize the energy costs by monitoring the market of the energy distributer and establishing an efficient purchasing stratagy.