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Audit & Due Diligence
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The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development places special emphasis on supporting investments, which improve energy efficiency or promote renewable energy. In this context, EBRD established a dedicated credit line for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects in Ukraine aimed at end-users in the industrial sector.
The Ukraine Energy Efficiency Programme provides loans to the Ukrainian Participating Banks "PBs", which will on-lend the funds to end-users for industrial energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. Approximately 100 million € of sub-loans will be extended by PBs under the facility.

In order to overcome the various barriers to such investment the EBRD mobilised technical assistance funds to support the programme. The Energy Efficiency Experts – EEE – focus on evaluation of projects from a technical perspective and help end-users design projects through energy audits, environmental, health and safety audits and business plan preparation. The objective of the Energy Efficiency Experts is to assist individual prospective sub-borrowers identify sustainable energy opportunities, conduct energy and environmental audits and assess technical and economic feasibility of the identified projects. To achieve the set goal two audits have been carried out.

Description of actual services provided by the staff within the assignment:

Elaboration of Environmental and Health and Safety Report gathered data about the:

  • Environmental analysis with the interpretation of social, ecological and economic benefits of projects
  • Examining the institutional framework for the EE and RE impacting the relevant entities (this includes tariff regulation)
  • Development of an environmental and social action plan (ESAP), including evaluation of different EE/RE technical solutions, demand and quantity analysis and the assessment of potential cogeneration
  • Environmental, health and safety audit