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European investors (especially from Germany and Austria) are looking for EE buildings and well established DGNB/ÖGNI standards in Turkey and create an increasing demand. For this reason SGS sees great potential promoting this standard characterized by the highest requirements compared to LEED and BREAM.

Overall objective of this PPP project is to promote sustainable building and energy efficiency in Turkey through training, awareness raising and institutional capacity building and thereby strengthening the market potential for audits and green building consultancy through SGS in Turkey. The project will be actively launched in the two main cities of Turkey, Istanbul and Ankara. Contacts also exist to Izmir, so that on a long run, it is planned to expand to the third city of Turkey.
A minimum of 50 trained and certified auditors will become available for SGS in Turkey, other companies, technical universities, and other institutions ready to audit according to DGNB/ÖGNI standards.

Description of actual services provided by the staff within the assignment:

  • Training, certification and promotion  to DGNB/ÖGNI standards
  • Audit buildings (office & trade buildings new/used ; Shopping center new/used )
  • Certification of trainees after exams as “DGNB consultants”
  • Two study visits (Austria & Turkey)
  • Creation of web-based tools  (announcements, an event calendar and a download area, where additional information on EE in Turkey and the entire project will be available)
  • Implementation of DGNB Navigator (This allows architects to simulate operational and life-cycle costs for a building by creating different scenarios, comparing the environmental footprint and sustainability depending on the choice of construction material and other elements)
  • Foundation of a Turkish chapter of DGNB/ÖGNI