Henkel Serbia d.o.o.
Bulevar Oslobodjenja 383


Services Provided: 

Overall objective of this PPP project is to promote sustainable building and energy efficiency in Serbia through training, awareness raising and institutional capacity building. Strengthening the market potential for innovative adhesive technology products of Henkel in Serbia is a focus. This will ultimately reduce both operating costs and carbon footprint of those buildings built or retrofitted energy efficiently.
Up to 50 trained and certified auditors will become available for Henkel, Ceresit Serbia (HECE) and other partner companies, ready to audit according to DGNB/ÖGNI/BREEAM/LEED standards.

Description of actual services provided by the staff within the assignment:

  • Selection of  twenty most qualified individuals to participate in the programme
  • Training, certification and promotion  to DGNB/ÖGNI/BREEAM/LEED standards
  • Audit buildings (3 for DGNB, 3 for ÖGNI, 3 for BREEAM and     3 for LEED)
  • Assure written and oral exams for all three certificates
  • Two study visits (Austria & Serbia)
  • Initiate marketing kit: logo, brochures, posters, flyers and short media clips.
  • Implementation of DGNB Navigator (This allows architects to simulate operational and life-cycle costs for a building by creating different scenarios, comparing the environmental footprint and sustainability depending on the choice of construction material and other elements)
  • Foundation of a Serbian NGO as a national chapter of DGNB/ÖGNI