Panonija d.o.o.
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Services Provided: 
Project Design
Country of operation: 

This project is planned by the local government in Bačka Topola and Mali Iđoš, by the management of the Agriculture Company “Panonija” and by the Secretariat of Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development in Vojvodina. Vienna Engineers supported the project implementation by elaborating an energy concept for the municipalities and a feasibility study for the biogas plant.
The settlement “Panonija” (1000 inhabitants) lies on the right side of the Duboka valley (108 m sea level) located 45 km from Subotica, 13 km from Bačka Topola and 8 km from Bajša.
A pig breeding (30.000 pigs/year) and an arable crop (3870 ha) are privately owned by the food processing factory “Topola”.

Energetic key figures:

  • Annual biogas production between 2 to 3 million m³
  • Annual energy production between 8 and 20 million kWh, whereof 40 % is electricity and 60% heat
  • Output of biogas engine 1.2 to 2.5 MW
Description of actual services provided by the staff within the assignment:
  • Creation of a communal energy concept for the municipality of Bačka Topola
  • Support of a feasibility study for the biogas plant at agricultural farm of Panonija
  • Implementation of an operating design for the biogas plant
  • Support and know-how transfer for the organic food production  in the region
  • Design for water saving measures and waste water treatment of manure residual water
  • Creating awareness and know-how-transfer in the field of use of renewable energy and integration of renewable energy sources in municipal energy supply systems
  • Production and certification of organic food production
  • Implementation of sustainable management in regard of socio-economic and ecological aspects