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Site Supervision
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One of the regions with the highest geothermal gradient in Europe is situated in Kočani in north-eastern Macedonia. After having used around 20 million m³ of thermal water in more than 20 years, “GEOTERMA” was facing technical difficulties and organizational insufficiencies which require a revision and rehabilitation of the whole heating system.

In Kočani geothermal energy is mainly used for heating of green houses with an increasing percentage of both private and industrial district-heating users.

To guarantee a sustainable economic and ecological project: the use of geothermal energy as a renewable energy source was strengthened and promoted; the aquifer was used in a sustainable way; the efficiency of the system was increased; the whole system was technically modernized including a monitoring system that identifies problems immediately and therefore helps to further improve the system.

Besides the technical aspects a broad acceptance within the population of Kočani and the whole of Macedonia was aimed at: cooperation with political decision-makers in the field of environment and energy efficiency as well as local politicians and opinion leaders; cooperation with the operator and the employees of the existing geothermal facility; respecting the needs of the neighbouring inhabitants of the facility; meeting the requirements of the present users and the users-to-be, so in one word making good contracting relationship between the local government, people and the company.

Description of actual services provided by the staff within the assignment:

  • Geo-physical exploration, detailed planning, tendering, construction, supervision and final inspection and warrant as well as  know-how transfer

       Special focus is given on the following aspects:

  • Assessment in the local area  of a renewable energy supply
  • Determination of the costs for RE solutions
  • Analysis of social, ecological and economic benefits from projects
  • Project implementation in the field of substituting fossil fuels with RE in public and private buildings and DH
  • Implementation of an economic, environmental, energy efficiency, social and financial feasibility study for district heating projects
  • Creation of a contractual relationship between the local government, people and the company