Energo d.o.o.
Dolac 14


Services Provided: 
Site Supervision
Country of operation: 




The project aims to:

  • Reconstruct certain sections the DH network in the residential areas of the City in order to increase the security of supply and efficiency of operations (leakages reduction);
  • Replace existing heat only boilers with more economical gas powered ones;
  • Implement the new CHP plant on the Vojak location and introduce first district cooling network in Rijeka;
  • Create a contractual relationship between the City and the Company. This contractual relationship will encourage continued operating and financial improvements and efficiencies.

Despcription of actual services provided by the staff  within the assignment:

  • Review and make recommendations to the Company concerning the terms of reference and technical assignment for design;
  • Assist the PIU in drafting tender documents, carrying out tender procedure, preparing tender evaluation report and contract;
  • Assist the PIU in coordinating, supervising, managing, monitoring, and evaluating all aspects of the project;
  • Assist the Company in monitoring and administering contracts;
  • Ensure timely receipt of the loan disbursements to make payments under the contracts;
  • Ensure that all reports required by the EBRD for implementation of the project and the loan are submitted on schedule;
  • Subject to the PIU’s approval, prepare an integrated time schedule for progress meetings with various parties to monitor the project progress; attend meetings together with the PIU to support the Company's programme in general, receive responses and comments on reports, and discuss project issues on a regular basis with the PIU and other key stake holders; distribute meetings minutes, including follow-up actions required to ensure the project progress.