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Our goal is to provide a tool which captures all relevant data concerning the components – renovation, plant engineering and construction.These data will be continuously updated and quickly be retrieved.
This "BUILDING BOOK" should serve for the purpose of creating an energy performance certificate. It should take into consideration  the relational database (SQL-based) and at the same time a wide range of real estate data (contracts, general data, technical and economic data, etc.), which are essential to the property managers

Description of actual services provided by the staff within the assignment:

  • Define the selection of criteria that are relevant for the investment decision process as well as for the development of mathematical models
  • Take care of efficiency of resource use in the life cycle.
  • Support in methodology for analysis of social, eco-logical and economic benefits of projects
  • Support in institutional framework for the EE and RE
  • The assessment of the sustainability of buildings can be performed very efficiently with our BLUE AUDIT tool.