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Based on the European Directive on Energy Performance of Buildings (EPBD) Vienna Engineers offers a certification process that displays the energy demand and efficiency of a specific building. This helps to identify improvement potentials to further optimise the energy utilisation of this building. The certificate enables more transparency in the real estate sector and also gives clients the possibility to evaluate their buildings from an energy point of view.

With the introduction of the EPBD every sold, rented, leased real estate has to have an energy certificate that shows the standard of isolation, heat and cooling system and the energy demand per m² and many other technical details.
The certification process is carried out according to the Austrian OIB guidelines, and the Austrian standards ÖNORM 8110-3 und ONR 28110-8.

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:
Certification of 350 founding epoch and new buildings

  1. On-site investigation and analysis of the state of real estate, measurements according required standards
  2. Calculation of energetic key figures with written recommendations regarding energy saving potentials and renovation necessities.
  3. On-site consultancy and support to tenants
  4. In deep explanation in case of realisation of improvements regarding funding and technical equipment.