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Mariahilfer Straße 196


Services Provided: 
Site Supervision
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The Taglieberstraße is an apartment building with approximately 11.000 m² of floor space, which was originally built in the late 1960’s.

A certification process is included in the project that displays the energy demand and efficiency of this specific building. This helps to identify improvement potentials to further optimise the energy utilisation of the building. The certificate enables more transparency in the real estate sector and also gives clients the possibility to evaluate the buildings from an energy point of view.

Retrofit plays an evident role in this project and saves resources and is ecologically as well as economically more sustainable. Reusability, life cycle costs and recycling are also important aspects in this project.

Description of actual services provided by the staff within the assignment:

VIENNA ENGINEERS employees act as consultants during the planning stage and collaborate with the owner’s team to assist in planning and investment decision.

  • Technical assistance to improve EE in buildings
  • Existing situation and needs analysis – Technical concept
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the energy efficiency measures in existing objects before and after implementation of EE measures.
  • Issuing of energy performance certificates
  • Design and submission onto authority
  • Tender and procurement
  • Building supervision