Green Building certificates

6 experts of VIENNA ENGINEESRS are skilled in the trade of ÖGNI auditors. These auditors register  projects for certification and submit the necessary documents to the certification commission. The auditors also instruct builder-owners in how to design and build sustainable buildings and in achieving green building certificates in gold, silver or bronze.

Since 2012, the Austrian Society for Sustainable Real Estate sets (ÖGNI) strong pulse on paradigm shift towards sustainability. The club is an initiative of more than 250 well-known companies, institutions and experts in the construction and real estate industry and has the 3P approach consisting of

  • Products - Blue or Green Buildings and sustainable building materials
  • Processes - new processing models, corporate governance, CSR and compliance and risk management, and
  • Persons who have the necessary knowledge,

Objectives of the action are transparency, professionalization and an international anchoring of the Austrian construction and real estate industry. The club is distinguished from flagship projects of sustainable building with the international DGNB certificate and certified construction and real estate companies in their ethical behavior.